Deuel County Offices/Officials

The table below lists the Officials of Deuel County.  If you need to know the services that a particular official provides, click on their Title.  The description of each official is taken from a South Dakota Counties brochure produced by the state.

Title Name Location Phone Number
Auditor Pam Lynde Courthouse - 2nd Floor 874-2312
Clerk Of Courts Karna Lindner Courthouse - 2nd Floor 874-2120
County Coroner Darren Houseman   874-2281
Director of Equalization Donna Rhody Courthouse - 3rd Floor 874-2229
Emergency Management Randy Petrick Courthouse - 1st Floor 874-8189
Extension Office   419 3rd Ave. South 874-2681
Highway Superintendent Jamie Hintz 18028 SD Hwy 15 874-2751
Interlakes Community Action Audrey Poppen Courthouse - 1st Floor 874-2062
Public Health Nurse Tammy Baer Deuel County Memorial Hospital 874-2555
Register of Deeds Mary Jane Ingalls Courthouse - 2nd Floor 874-2268
Sheriff David Solem Courthouse - 1st Floor 874-8212
States Attorney John Knight Courthouse - 3rd Floor 874-2840
Treasurer Judy Bartling Courthouse - 2nd Floor 874-2483
Veterans Service Officer Dennis Evenson Gunderson, Evenson Law Office Main Street 874-2111
Weed Supervisor Mike Hinsvark Courthouse - 3rd Floor 874-8570
Zoning Officer Jodi Theisen Courthouse - 3rd Floor 874-8562

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