County Commissioners

Each county has a board of 3-5 Commissioners who are elected to staggered terms of 4 years.  They are responsible for the oversight of every service that each county office provides.  In general, County Commissioners are responsible for the care and preservation or sale of all county property;  the audit of accounts of all officers having the care, management, collection or disbursement of any money belonging to the county; levying taxes; construction and repair of bridges; to open, lay out, vacate and change highways; to purchase or acquire grounds for courthouse, jail or other building sites; and as a board of equalization, to equalize the assessment roll of the county in the manner provided by law; to furnish necessary equipment and supplies for county offices; to superintend the fiscal concerns of the county and secure their management in the best possible manner; to establish and make revisions to ordinances for zoning, solid waste and water management along with a host of other issues that arise affecting the county.

Deuel County Commissioners
meet the first and third 
Tuesday of the month at 9:00 a.m.
at the Courthouse in Clear Lake.
L to R: Gary DeJong, District 5
Steve Rhody, District 2
Gary Jaeger District 3
Roger Kreutner, District 1
Judith Homan, District 4
Below are the Deuel County commissioners and the towns & townships they represent.
Name & Phone
Roger Kreutner
Steve Rhody
Gary Jaeger
Judith Homan
Gary DeJong
Gary & Brandt
Glenwood, Herrick, Norden, & Antelope Valley
Toronto & Astoria
Scandinavia, Blom & Grange
Altamont & Goodwin
Altamont, Havana, Goodwin, Portland, Rome & Lowe
Clear Lake
(wards 1 & 2)
Clear Lake
(ward 3)
Hidewood, Brandt & Clear Lake

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Courthouse hours

8:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m.

Closed weekends and 

all state and federal holidays

Courthouse address

PO Box 616

408 4th Street West

Clear Lake, SD 57226

Please contact the specific  office with your questions or concerns by clicking on the CONTACT US link below.


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