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Planning and Zoning

The Deuel County Zoning Officer is appointed by the Board of County Commissioners.  The Zoning Officer enforces the County Zoning Ordinance and sets up the Zoning Board Meetings. The Zoning Office is responsible for permits for all structures, shelterbelts, fireworks and concentrated animal feeding operations.  All new Plats must go to the Zoning Office and be approved by the Zoning Board before going to the Deuel County Commissioners.  All Variance or Special Exceptions are processed by the Zoning Office and must be approved or turned down by the Zoning Board. 

2024 Zoning Fees and Permits costs

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Jodi Theisen, Zoning Officer
PO Box 606
408 4th St. West
Clear Lake, SD 57226
Phone (605) 874-8562
Monday thru Friday 8-5
Closed all state & federal holidays
Office located at the Deuel County Courthouse, first floor.
Jodi Theisen, Deuel County Planning and Zoning Officer

Zoning Board Members:

Michael Lammers
Mike Dahl
Kevin DeBoer

Dennis Kanengieter
Jay Grabow

Scott Fieber- Alternate

Steve Rhody- Alternate

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