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Weed Supervisor

The Deuel County Weed Supervisor is a part time position that is appointed by the Board of County Commissioners.  The Weed Supervisor enforces county and state noxious weed laws and acts on any complaints that may come into the office.  He is in charge of a six man crew and is responsible to see that conditions for spraying are correct and that the right chemical is used to control the noxious weeds.  He has a working knowledge of chemical, weed and methods used to control weeds.  He also oversees the County Weed and Pest Board. 

Contact us
Keith Goens
Deuel Co. Weed Supervisor
PO Box 350
47494 SD HWY 22
Clear Lake, SD 57226
Phone 605-874-2681
Fax: 605-874-8130
At this time there are no set office hours. Please call the office for appointment.

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