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county business manager, voter registration, tax levies
Clerk of Courts
maintains the official files on all cases brought before the court.  
Director of Equalization
assess all real property in the county for property tax purposes. 
Emergency Management
plans for and manages disasters
4-H Youth Program
4-H information
Highway Department
constructing, maintaining and repairing county roads and bridges
provide resourceful assistance to qualifying persons in cooperation with other agencies
Planning and Zoning
permits for all structures, shelterbelts, fireworks and concentrated animal feeding operations.  
Register of Deeds
issues and files marriage licenses, birth and death certificates, burial permits, real estate transactions, deed filing
Sheriff's Office
assures that all the laws of the state are executed and enforced
State's Attorney 
county legal affairs
collector of taxes,vehicle registration
Veterans Service Officer
assist veterans and their families in accessing benefits
Weed Supervision
enforces county and state noxious weed laws 

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